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This items can be included in General Rubbish Skips
white goods, furniture, timber, metal, plastic, clothing, toy, carpet, green waste, electrical appliances.
This items can not be included in General Rubbish Skips
bricks, concrete, earth, soils, liquids, wet paint, chemical, asbetos.
This items can be included in Clean Fill Rubbish Skips
dirt, soil, small gravel, sand and clay
This items can not be included in Clean Fill Rubbish Skips
green waste, stones, rocks, contaminants and liquids
This items can be included in Green Rubbish Skips
grass, weed, leaves, bark, trees and shrubs
This items can not be included in General Rubbish Skips
bricks, concrete, rocks, soils, chemical, pavers and liquids.
This items can be included in Concrete Rubbish Skips
Concrete, Bricks, Rock, Tiles
This items can not be included in Concrete Rubbish Skips
Strictly no other waste other than what is listed
Additional Item Extra Cost
TV $25 each
Computer or printer $50 each
Oversize TV or photocopiers $25 each
Mattress $70 each
Gasbottle $25 each


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