How Would You Make the Most of Your Skip Bin Hire?

Loading your trash into a skip bin can be difficult. Due to the size of the skip bin, getting items, especially heavy or bulky items, into the skip can be incredibly hard. Nobody wants to get hurt while using a skip, so follow our simple steps for filling a skip bin to get the most bang for your buck while keeping everyone safe.

However, there is an element of art and science involved in this task, and understanding it can help you get as much out of what you spend. There is a correct method to load a skip bin hire, and here are a few pointers to help you load your skip bin like a pro.

Heavy items should go in first.

The skip bin’s center of gravity should be at the bottom. This is why you should place the heavier items first, so they settle below and prevent the skip bin from tipping over. If you have flat objects such as hardboard, shelves, cabinets, or other furniture, place them first so that they can lie flat against the skip bin bottom.

Fill it evenly from left to right.

When a skip bin is unbalanced, it can be difficult and, in some instances, dangerous to lift and transport because the load is more susceptible to tipping or attempting to break lifting equipment. To help with weight distribution, if you fill a heavy object on one side, offset the weight of the object on the opposing side. Your skip delivery driver will have an easier time loading and unloading the skip bin if the contents are evenly distributed across the bin.

Rubbish Removal Adelaide
Rubbish removal Adelaide

Disassemble those bulky pieces.

Bulky items, such as home furnishings or large branches, should be disassembled so that they do not take up too much room in your skip bin. If the items are irregular, make sure to fill any void space with smaller waste materials to avoid filling your skip bin with air. This is significant because you pay for a skip bin based on the volume of waste you put into it, so you want to optimise the quantity of waste you put into it. Make the most out of your rubbish removal services Adelaide.

Maintain the skip bin’s weight capacity.

Skip bins have a weight limit for safe transport. You can double-check with your Adelaide rubbish removal services to make sure that you are putting the correct amount of trash in your skip bin. When loading heavier items like concrete, gravel, and silt, keep this weight capacity in mind.

Squish and flatten boxes.

If you’re getting rid of boxes, flatten them first before tossing them in the skip. Boxes that have not been flattened take up a lot of skip bin space. Taking a few moments to break your cartons can save you a lot of space.

Please do not fill up your skip bin.

If you’re running out of skip space, it may be tempting to keep putting things in a full skip bin. However, those items will not stay in place while we transport the skip bin and may become loose, posing a hazard to people while loading or transporting.

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