What is the Procedure for Hiring HJM Skips in Adelaide?

Your property’s trees and hedges have finally been trimmed, and your yard now resembles something out of a gardening magazine. There are piles of tree branches, plastic bags of dried leaves and hedge clippings. They’re difficult to get rid of because you only have a sedan. So, what are your plans?

The answer is straightforward. You should rent skip bins if you don’t have a truck or can’t borrow one. HJM Skips offers low-cost skip bins in a variety of sizes to meet your requirements. They are capable of dealing with a wide range of waste types, including general waste, heavy waste, green waste, and others. But wait a minute! Are you wondering what steps you must take to hire a skip bin in Adelaide? Discover the process below.

Order Entry and Processing

The process of hiring a skip bin begins with your initial booking. This can be done over the phone or online using the booking form on the website. You will enter information such as the delivery and pickup location, your name, phone number, bin type, and bin size in this section.

After you call or book your skip bin hire online, one of our administrative staff members enters your order into the system, processes your payment, and arranges for a receipt.

Schedule Driver

The next step in preparing your order is to make a delivery appointment with the driver. The allocator will schedule the driver’s runs for the following day the night before. This timetable includes your delivery. The service provider ensures that the skip bin is delivered on time and directly to your door.

Delivery of Bin

The driver will then arrive at your location with the required bin. This will be the first of several visits throughout the day to dispose of your garbage.

One thing to keep in mind is that someone should be present during the bin drop to guide our drivers, or you can give us the details on the phone before we arrive, so there is no delay in the process.

Skip bins can hold a variety of household and commercial wastes. Here are some examples of the types of garbage your skips will handle.

  • General waste includes Broken or old furniture, old or damaged towels, bedsheets, curtains, and discarded plastic containers.
  • Green waste includes tree branches, discarded shrubs, dried leaves, weeds, etc.
  • The heavy waste consists of wood, drywall or gyprock, sheeting, concrete and bricks, plumbing pipes, electrical wirings, glass, tiles, and other materials.

Collect the Bin

In the next step, the system will be updated to indicate that the bin is ready for pickup. On the scheduled pick-up date, the designated driver will collect your skip bin as soon as possible. When they arrive, they will double-check the bin to ensure it is not overfilled.

It will be transported to our depot after it has been safely loaded onto the truck and covered, where it will be sorted and emptied in preparation for the next hire 

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